At Sylvania, in order to fully resolve all of the lighting market requirements, we offer a wide and very complete range of products that encompasses all technologies needed today.

We’re talking about lamps or light sources (LED, fluorescent, incandescent, mercury, high pressure sodium or metal halide) and a large number of fixtures, designed and manufactured to be the best choice when it comes to light up any kind of projects, in any application.

The quality of our products, production processes, high technology in its manufacture, performance, compliance with safety standards and the pre, during and post sale service, are the aspects that distin-guish us and assure you that Sylvania is the best regional alternative in lighting products.

Besides, we are proudly the only UL certified lighting plant in the region, which refers directly to the safety of our products, ensuring also the safeness of the person who manipulates them (installer), and the end user.

New Products



Our catalogue includes a great variety of fixtures for every type of applications. Outdoor, industrial, decorative, residential, architectural and specialized lighting, are part of the available options, which cover much more of the customers expectations.



We have a comprehensive solution for the needs of light sources (lamps) that may be required in all types of projects. We offer everything from the latest technology in a variety of alternatives, to the more traditional that still have a high demand in the market.



Aside from finished products, at Sylvania we provide a solution to the needs of components and accessories for our fixtures, making available to our distributors a full range of diffusers to control the distribution patterns of light, and the various components for the maintenance of the products we sell.