At Sylvania, we understand that Value Engineering does not imply to reduce equipment prices at expense of quality, but, analyzing the lighting requirements of projects, looking not to exceed the regulations and reducing consumption.

This is accomplished using fixtures with more efficient optics than those raised in the original design, thus reducing the total number of units and the charge density, generating for the customer a lower consumption of materials and electrical lighting, without sacrificing the quality of the working spaces


Sylvania offers through the Projects Department, an assessment of the work situations in terms of existing lighting versus the regulations (occupational health).

From the results of this evaluation, lighting studies and economic proposals aimed to electrical savings are submitted, in order to collaborate with the increased production of the employees and the maximized quality of light of the workspaces.


The work we do at Sylvania regarding conversions, is defined as the process by which a lighting situation is optimized by changing the source technology and thereby reducing power consumption.

The deliverables are detailed below:

  • Assessment of the current situation
  • Lighting ideas for improvement or maintenance
  • Economic proposal of the ROI (Return Over Investment)