The department of fixtures Research and Development (R&D) of Feilo Sylvania Costa Rica, has a team of engineers in Industrial Design; people who combine their knowledge with the last generation software tools, achieving an ideal execution of modern designs. Subsequently, the fixtures are flawlessly produced, thanks to the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and specialists within the manufacturing plant.

Its installations next to the fixtures manufacturing plant, allow direct contact with the product manufacture, which consequently speeds up production times, bringing ideas into concepts, passing through modeling and three-dimensional simulation to prototyping, followed by performance physical tests to ensure the reliability of new models.

design process

DESIGN REQUEST(need in the market)



Each new approach arises from the need of new fixtures designs or redesigns that must attain maximum optimization and continuous improvement from the catalogs models. The aim is always to have products of complete satisfaction for our customers, who meet all the requirements requested. The department offers different aspects in which it specializes. Research is one of them, where the interests of our customers are analyzed in order to get aligned to the project’s lighting needs. It is also studied to be aware of new trends in construction matters and cutting-edge technologies.

Another important factor is the ability to develop estimated evaluations of the efficiencies of each fixture model, thanks to a specialized software that allows a probabilistic study, through which a simulation of the behavior of the light is obtained in real evaluations. This study supports the project engineering department to provide service to customers who require a simulation of the product application in reality.

Added to this, there are other tests, such as temperature, rainfall simulation and circuit diagrams, which represent another type of support that the department provides to our customers, so they can be fully confident about the quality of the developed products.

World Support
other action areas

All the information of technical equipment such as circuit diagrams, instructions for assembly and installation, technical specifications, packaging and so on, is collected in the department, so that the client has a clearer perspective on the product that is acquiring.

Finally, the experience and knowledge accumulated in the R&D department become a source of technical support and training, where our knowledgeable staff can answer technical concerns of lighting, ballasts and components, in addition to any lighting need.