Lighting technology is in constant improvement and development.

In Sylvania we do not stay behind! We manage an innovative and diverse portfolio of products in order to meet the needs of the lighting market, which require specific technologies according to the application.


The LED lighting products we’re offering at Sylvania show up as the answer to all those changes our society is experiencing.

These devices improve energy efficiency while quality of life. Help create perfectly personalized interior and exterior environments, but especially are efficient (up to 130-150 lumens per watt) and consume very little electricity (saving about 40-80% more than similar light sources).

Another of its main attributes is that they maintain a low temperature, emitting little heat, which collaborates with an improved performance of air conditioners. Furthermore, they are 100% recyclable and ecological, as they do not contain mercury or heavy metals.

Sylvania LED lamps can have reduced dimensions, making them perfect for a variety of uses and applications. They are also very durable, reaching between 25 000 and 50 000 hours life.

This technology allows lamps to emit a bright, sharp and directional light, not as conventional lamps, which lose between 20 and 50% of the light generated due to the lack of direction from the light source.

The versatility compared to classical lamps, plus their extensive colorful, make infinite the design and application possibilities of these devices in all the imaginable areas, making “LED” the lighting of the future.


Contributing to the protection of the environment with our lamps and tubes of low power consumption, is an honor for Sylvania. Fluorescent technology not only uses less power than traditional lamps (helping to reduce CO2 emissions), but also reach their luminous flux very quickly and with an exceptional performance. Its warm or cold light fits perfectly with the type of environment you want to create, and despite they use 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs, they last up to ten times more.

They are ideal for general lighting of indoor areas, such as residences, offices, factories and public places. Furthermore, Sylvania’s fluorescent lamps have had an important development for their high color performance and light efficiency.


At a lighting level, the incandescent technology is one of the most traditional. That’s precisely why the investment on this kind of system turns out very low. Among its advantages, it’s providing one of the highest chromatic reproduction index (CRI), therefore, achieving that the color reproduction on required processes could be very real.

Its warm light is ideal for environments that require comfort and relaxation. However, due to its characteristics of high-energy consumption, they are being replaced by more efficient technologies with less heat generation, such as fluorescent or LED.


If of generating a high light output it comes, high intensity discharge (HID) lamps are perfect for that.

This technology is used through efficient light sources for professional applications required by the industrial market, for general and exterior lighting purposes, such as parking lots, industrial buildings, sports fields, etc. The popularity of Sylvania’s HID lamps is due to their high efficiency, long life and high color fidelity. They generate a stimulating and attractive light and improve the safety of the lighted areas.


The CMI technology stands for innovation and perfection in our line of ceramic metal halide lamps, which is at the forefront of performance and reliability compared to other lamps on the market.

It creates outstanding focus effects and an unsurpassed visual impact thanks to its color performance. Ideal for indoor decorative lighting as in shops, sports, shopping centers, etc.